Monday, September 15, 2008


The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. Closed

The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, is engaged in the oil industry including exploration and prospecting for oil, drilling, production, refining, distribution of petroleum products and natural gas, sales and exports of crude oil and refined products. The company owns and operates a 260,000 barrels-a-day refinery, storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal and a marine terminal for its petroleum products.

To assist in our efforts to explore new oil and gas reserves and to revitalize our existing wells, we are seeking to employ suitably qualified and experienced personnel for the following positions:

Senior Geologist

The incumbent will be responsible for:
• Reservoir characterization and geocellular modeling using geo-statistical techniques, stochastic modeling, object modeling integrating well log and core data and inputs from seismic with hands on experience in geocellular modeling software.
• Construction of integrated geocellular-models honouring geoscience and petro-physical engineering and data.
• Development of the geological framework and reservoir models leading to reservoir simulation and field development planning.
• Definition and coordination of external studies from geological service consultants, as required.

Must have basic knowledge on sequence stratigraphy, formation evaluation and reservoir engineering is desirable. Working knowledge on cutting edge technology application.

The ideal candidate will hold a Degree, B.Sc., or M.Sc. in Geology, should have at least 10 years of experience in reservoir characterization and have experience in development/production geology and static reservoir modeling. Must be able to use independently modeling software preferably Gocad or Petrel.

Exploration Geologist

The job holder:
• Prepares subsurface maps and sections using standard geological techniques.
• Makes preliminary formation evaluation of old and new exploratory wells.
• Carries out Basin Modeling using advanced software applications.
• Generates and presents exploration concepts, and hydrocarbon prospects and leads.
• Compiles local and regional geological information by perusing and sifting data. Prepares dockets and documents for exploration planning.
• Preparation of exploration reports and illustrations. Includes drawing maps and preparing drafts as necessary.
• Supervises well-site programming as per standard geological practices and well-site mud logging wok, open hole logging, picking of coring, logging and casing points, watching abnormal pressures. Prepares final geological report on the well.
• Carries out other similar or related duties as required.

The candidate we are looking for shall have:
• B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Geoscience / Earth Science or equivalent.
• 10 years experience in sedimentary geology, geological interpretation of geophysical data and well-site practice.
• Good command of oral and written English.
• Knowledge and experience of geoscience applications software packages.

Development Geophysicist

The Incumbent shall:
• Interpret seismic data in regional and reservoir scale in an integrated approach with geologist (geological modeling) and with reservoir engineers (flow modeling).
• Evaluate well log and seismic signal, to build synthetic seismograms, to understand rock properties in terms of seismic calibration and technical uncertainties.
• Perform time-to-depth conversion of seismic data.
• Build of seismic attributes and seismic facies maps and correlate seismic attributes, reservoir geological properties (lithology and petrophysics) and dynamic proporties (time-lapse seismic).
• Be familiar with and interested in new technologies like 40 seismic, multicomponent seismic and new methodologies applied to reservoir seismic characterization.

The candidate we are looking for shall have:
• B.Sc./ M.Sc. Degree in Geology/Geophysics.
• 10 years experience in interpretation of seismic data and other related functions described above.
• Ability to operate seismic interpretation softwares: IESX and Geoframe applications, seismic inversion software: hampson-hussel.
• Ability to integrate geophysics and geology software and seismic modeling software packages.


The incumbent shall:
• Participate in the preparation of geological models for various reservoirs based on stochastic approach.
• Generate different scenarios of property distribution stochastically constrained within a geological model.
• Associate with the Reservoir Characterization Geologist in quantification of uncertainty in reservoir heterogeneity. Assist in risk assessment of reservoir models generated considering different realizations.
• Carry out geostatistical applications to develop geological model based stochastic approach.

The ideal candidate shall have:
• A Degree in Geology (B.Sc.).
• At least 5 years of experience in applying geostatistical tools to build multiple realizations of sub surface property distribution.
• Fundamental knowledge on development geological aspects.
• Basic knowledge in log interpretation. Experience with one of the leading industry related application software preferably Gocad or Petrel.

Attractive salary and benefits package awaits the successful candidates

Please apply on line and view detailed job profile, at our website: (click on the Job Opportunities link and choose Specialised category) or email your CV to :

Human Resources Department, H-18, R-FAB,
The Bahrain Petroleum Company,
P.O. Box 25555 Awali,
Kingdom of Bahrain